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Will Ben Affleck return as a “Lincoln Man” after signing a contract with HBO Max?

Fans have been cheering for Ben Affleck as a lynx. The news that Ben Afffeck has resigned as Lincoln came as a shock to fans. Now there is good news for fans who are expecting Ben Affleck to be a Lincoln. Ben Affleck has reportedly signed a contract with HBO Max and plans to return as a “Batman”. This news is coming out again.

Ben Affleck will be appearing in episodes related to HBO Max and Zack Zinda’s Justice League films. Expectations for Ben Affleck’s return and contract with HBO first surfaced last May on Lightcast Media and the Culture Nerd YouTube Channel. “Ba Affleck will definitely be back with a new contract. The official announcement is expected to be made on DC FanDome (or within JusticeCon). In one of the two, we will know this announcement. It will be before September. “We will know the official announcement and we will see Batman return,” said Taylor Murphy of The Culture Nerds.

Taylor Murphy says that because of the creation of the DC multiverse, Michael Keaton and Robert Pattinson have been replaced by Ben Affleck as “Batman.” According to Taylor Murphy, Ben Affleck agreed to return to HBO Max as “Batman” because he did not want to take anything back from Robert Pattinson, the “new Batman” starring in Matt Reeves.

Ben Affleck initially resigned as “Batman” due to Geoff John’s intervention. Now, Ben Affleck is expected to return with director Zack Snyder as “Batman”, and it would be great for DC fans to see Ben Affleck return as “Batman”.