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JOOX Announces Gold Medal Winners and Songs for the First Half of 2020

JOOX Myanmar Country Manager Mr. “Finally, it’s time to announce the artists who received the most votes,” said John Zhang. There is nothing more exciting than that. On behalf of JOOX, I would like to pay tribute to the artists who received the most votes and gold medals. Thanks to their hard work and artistic creativity, we all spend our days listening to music and enjoying difficult times
It just made it through. Special thanks to everyone who voted for this exciting Voting Campaign. We hope to make good plans like this again. ”

JOOX is a free “Freemium” music streaming app. Thailand Indonesia Available in Asian markets including Malaysia and Myanmar. JOOX
It has over 290 million users worldwide and over 15 billion listeners. JOOX provides services based on the interests of music users in each country. You can listen to all Myanmar songs for free on JOOX, and only some international songs can be listened to by purchasing VIP Membership.

The first half of 2020 is an online event presented by JOOX at the beginning of the Covid-19 crisis. The program is a sequel to JOOX’s World Music Day’s “Sounds of Happiness” festival, featuring live performances by local and international artists, as well as inspirational music playlists designed to inspire and enhance the mental health of all those who do not go out at home.