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Due to Kovis disease, the Taunggyi Pillar Balloon Festival will not be held

According to the Shan State Traditional Balloonists Association, this year’s Taunggyi Tansaungdaing Balloon Festival will not be held this year due to the Covid-19 outbreak in Myanmar. According to a statement from the Shan State Balloonists’ Association, the festival will not be held due to the recent rise in domestic infections due to the high incidence of Covid-19 disease and the easing of restrictions.

In the past, the traditional Taunggyi Tansaungdaing Balloon Festival was held on the 9th day before the full moon of Tansaungmon. Tan Saung Daing Traditional Balloon Festival ည မီး ကြီး၊ More than 300 hot air balloons competed in the 10-day festival. The Tan Saung Daing Balloon Festival was first held in 1950, but was not celebrated for 70 years due to plague in 1970.