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Network expansion in partnership with TrueMoney to make Onepay customers’ deposits / withdrawals easier and more convenient

Yangon, Myanmar – 2020 August 27: Onepay, Myanmar’s first mobile app combining everyday life and finance, has partnered with TrueMoney Myanmar to increase the number of deposit / withdrawal locations across the country, making it easier for customers to deposit and withdraw money.

The partnership between Onepay and TrueMoney allows users to quickly and easily deposit / withdraw up to a maximum of 500,000 Kyats per day at any TrueMoney dealership in the countryside. In the first phase, Onepay users will be able to make deposits, and the second phase will soon be able to make withdrawals.

Currently, top-ups and withdrawals can be made using AGD Bank Accounts. Using any MPU card of an e-commerce registered bank; Using Visa or MasterCard; 123 Service Centers and Onepay Authorized Dealers; You can also use the Interbank Service. The merger will increase the number of deposit / withdrawal locations by 23,000 across the country, especially for rural consumers.