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Chadwick Bossman is a real hero for her, actress Seanna Mella

The Black Panther hero Hero Chad Wisdom, who died of cancer in August, appeared on the cover of this month’s issue of Empire magazine. The magazine features interviews with actors and memories of some artists. It is full of memories. Actress Seanna Mella, who co-starred with Chad Wisdom in “21 Bridges,” also described Chad Wisdom as a “superhero” and what kind of person he is.

Sina Mella La Bossman encouraged her work and said she wanted him to star in films. “Bosman told me to make a film. I was offered a role in this film. When I no longer wanted to work. “I was frustrated that I had to keep working, but I wanted to make a film with him.” It is said that Bossman helped make a lot of money for the art. Boeman reduced some of his art fees in order to raise more money for Sena Mail.

“I do not know if I should talk about it or not,” he said. I did not want to say. “But I’m telling you because it proves what kind of person Bossman is.” Sienna had to ask for an art fee that the film studio did not pay her. Due to the gender gap in Hollywood, Sienna has been reluctant to return to filming since her daughter started school. That’s why I said I would make a film if I got the right amount of art. “Bosman paid me some of his art fees to get the amount I asked for. “He told me that I deserved that amount,” she said of Bessman’s generosity.